iSKI Community Terms and Conditions of Use 

These terms and conditions apply as from April 10th, 2018


A General

By registering in iSKI Community, the user agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use. Registration and use of the full range of services without explicit consent to these Terms and Conditions is not possible. The iSKI Community and related applications are run by intermaps AG.

  1. Applications for iPhone, Android and - in the future - for other smart phones
  2. These applications can be used on smart phones and - in the future – will also be available on websites
  3. Personal profile page for personal data
  4. Community of friends (iSKI Community)
  5. If the user grants permission, relevant data from the smart phone app is transmitted to the buddy.iski system for processing and/or for sharing with other social networks (e.g. Facebook)
  6. The iSKI Community user hereby confirms his/her understanding that he/she will be charged for any processing costs by wireless service providers for the transfer of smart phone data
  7. This service is only available to owners of those smart phones shown here


B Registration

  1. A one-time free registration is necessary to join the iSKI Community.
  2. Upon registration the user confirms his/her knowledge and complete acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. intermaps reserves the right to reject users without giving reasons. In such cases, the transmitted data is immediately deleted.
  4. intermaps does not guarantee the actual identity of any user, since the identification of individuals on the Internet is not always possible. Each user is to use his/her own judgment as to the identity of other users prior to interacting with them in any way.

 C Data Protection

  1. The concept of iSKI Community is based on the publication of data and content, which is made accessible by smart phone (only friends) and website (anonymous and aggregated data) to other users. By registering and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions user expressly consents to the processing of his/her personal data.
  2. The collection, processing and use of personal data by iSKI Community is conducted according to applicable data protection law provisions as well as the user’s declared consent to the processing of his/her personal data.
  3. By registering, the user explicitly agrees that iSKI Community has the right to use all voluntarily provided and automatically collected data for iSKI Community apps.
  4. The user explicitly grants his/her consent to the use of non-personal data.
  5. Disclosures pertaining to data: In accordance with data protection regulations, information on one’s stored data may be obtained. Users having questions on retrieval, processing or use of their data or wishing to ensure that the data are accurate, or wishing to lock or delete said data should contact our support team (
  6. Changes to these regulations: If it is necessary to make changes to the data protection statement we will inform the user accordingly and in a timely manner via email or App.
  7. Termination of user profile: The user may terminate his user profile within the iSKI domain app at any time. As a result, his user profile and all data connected to it and challenge rankings, will be irrevocably deleted. Deletion is possible directly within the iSKI domain app under “Termination” or in writing. Written requests for deletion should be sent to:

intermaps AG
untere Paulistrasse 6b
CH-8834 Schindellegi

  1. Updates to Our Privacy Policy
    As the iSKI community continues to grow, we are making changes to provide the best possible experience for our users. To support our innovative portfolio of apps and products, and to enhance transparency, we have prepared an updated privacy statement. Please take the time to read it below. From October 26th, 2017 your use of the iSKI Community Features means you consent to this new privacy statement.
    If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Support team.
    Thank you for being a part and member of the iSKI community.
    iSKI Privacy:


D Exclusion of warranty and liability

  1. Exclusion of warranty
  2. intermaps does not in any way guarantee that its online service will be available – complete and free of error - at all times, or that the necessary hardware and software will operate in an error-free fashion.
  3. intermaps does not in any way guarantee that the data transmitted by means of other systems – especially the Internet and telecommunication networks - is not tracked, recorded, or falsified by other parties
  4. The use of intermaps’ online service  is undertaken by user at his/her sole risk.


E Conditions of Participation  

Users can take part in contests and compare themselves with other users via the ranking list. There are contests organized by intermaps as well as various contests organized by partners and advertisers of intermaps. The relevant terms and conditions for each competition are to be found within the app in the "Contests" section. Generally, the winner of a contest will be notified by email. If the winner does not respond within 20 days to the email notification of winning, then the runner-up will be designated as winner and the prior winner’s claim lapses.

Apple Inc. does not sponsor contests, nor is it responsible for offers of this nature or the manner in which they are conducted. intermaps, together with its partners and advertisers, is solely responsible for sponsoring and carrying out contests.  The offerings announced on iSKI Communitydo not constitute offers in the legal sense, but only advertising and production information of intermaps’ partners and advertisers. Should the user decide to purchase the products or services of one of intermaps’ partners/advertisers, this solely gives rise to a contract between user and the relevant partner/advertiser of intermaps. intermaps is not a party to such contracts. intermaps hereby explicitly states that, in regard to contracts with its partners and advertisers, these contracts are subject to their own contractual conditions and - if available - their own general terms and conditions of business. In regard to the general terms and conditions of business offered by partners and advertisers, intermaps has no influence upon and makes no representations concerning them.


F Liability
     1. Intermaps is only liable under existing law, regardless of the legal basis therefor (pre-contractual, contractual, non-contractual) if the damage was caused by intermaps through gross negligence or intentionally.

  1. Moreover, intermaps undertakes no guarantee that the content shown on the iSKI Community app is free of viruses and/or other code/data arrays that could have a destructive or detrimental effect. Rather it is the user’s responsibility to protect his/her data processing systems in this regard.

G Indemnity

Users are obligated – at intermaps’ first request therefor – to indemnify intermaps against liability from all third-party claims, including reasonable and/or statutorily regulated prosecution costs, that are based on a non-contractual, improper and/or illegal use of web applications and their content.


H Modification of Terms and Conditions of Use

intermaps reserves the right to modify/supplement and/or to renew these Terms with future effect, without any obligation to notify to user thereof.


I Applicable Law/Jurisdiction

It is hereby agreed that all controversies arising out of this contract will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Höfe District Court in Wollerau.


J Severability

If parts of this text do not or no longer reflect prevailing law in whole or in part, then the content and validity of the remaining parts are unaffected thereby and the invalid part is to be replaced by one that comes closest to the spirit and purpose of the invalid part and/or thus represents the parties' intentions in a legally effective manner.


Schindellegi, October 26th, 2017